Lake Garda


Lake Garda


Il lago di Garda

Lake Garda, is the largest in Italy, with a surface of 370 square km and 160 km of circumference. It reaches its maximum depth of 365 meters in front of the Island of Trimelone, in the town of Brenzone, 5 km south of Malcesine.  Garda Lake is inhabited by more than 30 species of fishes, among which the “Carpione” – an exquisite salmonid that only lives and reproduces in these waters. Other kinds worth mentioning are the “trota”- trout, “luccio”- pike, “persico”- perch – and “agone”- lake shad. The widest point of the lake is south of Bardolino, where the opposite shores are 10 km away. The narrowest point is between Malcesine and Limone, 4 km wide.

Garda Lake is surrounded by a series of mountains and hills that create a spectacular natural scenery. Thanks to its geographical position, which makes it the most southern of the pre-alpine lakes, its shores are characterized by an exceptionally mild climate that favors the growth of a predominately Mediterranean vegetation such as palm trees, oleanders, lemon and olive trees.


A very interesting view of the lake can be seen from the lake itself, thanks to a very efficient connection of boats, over crafts and ferry boats.

Among the five islands of the lake, the “Isola del Sogno” or Dream Island is only 20 meters from the Sogno Peninsula which can be reached walking during the drought periods. The “Isola degli Olivi” or Olive trees Island, also known as the Love Island, is right in front of our private dock, about 300 meters away from the shore. The Island of Trimelone cannot be visited because during World War II it was used as a gun powder storage area and even though it has been reclaimed several times, numerous ammunition remnants are still left around the island.

Activities and culture in Malcesine and Verona territory

Listen to operas such as Carmen, Aida, Tosca and Rigoletto in the majestic realm of the Arena of Verona. Visit the Scaligero Castle, set on the rocks, where you can enjoy open-air shows and concerts in the warmth of long summer nights.

Operas at the Arena in Verona, tours of the cities of Verona, Venice and Vicenza, wine and food tasting tours along the „Wine Road“ are all excursions that Club Hotel Olivi can book for you.

Hopefully, soon there will be an artificial snow make, in order to have a real winter season.


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